Filosofou Monasteries


This pair of monasteries is perched on the west side of the Lousios Gorge. The 'new' monastery dates from the 17th century and its atmospheric, incense-laden church is magnificently frescoed from top to bottom. From the new monastery, it's a short but steep 800m to the incredible old monastery, built along a ledge in the cliff face with an amazing view over the gorge. The monasteries are 8km from Dimitsana, and also accessible from the Menalon Trail.

The old monastery, founded in the 10th century, is also said to have functioned as a subversive school in the 19th century under the Ottoman occupation. There are few structures left except the wall and a little church, often closed. From here you can continue by foot to the Prodromos Monastery on the other side of the gorge (30 minutes).

The monks request that you dress appropriately when visiting the new monastery, though they seem too polite to turn hikers away.

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