Marathi Beach

Hania Province

On the eastern side of Akrotiri Peninsula the pleasant beach of Marathi is a lovely spot beyond the NATO base with two sandy coves and turquoise waters on either side of a small pier. The ruins of Ancient Minoa are next to the car park. Marathi gets crowded with local families at weekends and has a couple of tavernas.

Further south along this coastline you’ll find another nice swimming and snorkelling spot at the small white-stone cove of Loutraki.

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1. Aptera


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2. Seitan Limania

3.41 MILES

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3. Moni Agias Triadas

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4. Moni Gouvernetou


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5. Folklore Museum

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7. Allied War Cemetery

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This striking war memorial with white crosses against a backdrop of Souda Bay holds the graves of 1500 Commonwealth soldiers who died during WWI and, in…

8. Stavros Cove

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