A key figure of the Romantic age, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy was appointed music director of the Leipzig Gewandhausorchester in 1835 and held the position until shortly before his sudden death at age 38. Learn more in this intimate exhibit in the Biedermeier-furnished apartment where he lived with his family until his death in 1847. Concerts take place at 11am each Sunday.

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1. Museen im Grassi

0.19 MILES

The university-run Museen im Grassi harbours three fantastic collections that are often overlooked, despite being a five-minute walk from Augustusplatz…

2. Museum für Musikinstrumente

0.19 MILES

At the fabulous Musikinstrumenten-Museum, you can discover music from five centuries in the prestigious and rarity-filled exhibits, as well as an…

3. Museum für Völkerkunde

0.19 MILES

At Leipzig's Ethnological Museum, you can plunge into an eye-opening journey through the cultures of the world.

4. Museum für Angewandte Kunst


Leipzig's Museum für Angewandte Kunst is the second-oldest applied arts museum in Germany and has one of the finest collections of art-nouveau and art…

5. Augustusplatz

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Massive Augustusplatz may look nondescript at best, and foreboding at worst, but it is actually flanked by some of Leipzig's most famous buildings,…

6. Paulinum

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Looking like an airport terminal devouring a Gothic cathedral, Leipzig University's main building is a boldly postmodern tribute to the 13th-century…

7. Kroch-Haus

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Leipzig's first 'skyscraper', the 11-storey Kroch-Haus is topped by a clock and two muscular bronze sentries, who bash the bell at regular intervals; the…

8. Nikolaikirche

0.36 MILES

This church has Romanesque and Gothic roots, but since 1797 has sported a striking neoclassical interior with palm-like pillars and cream-coloured pews…