Rhine Valley

High above Braubach are the dramatic towers, turrets and crenellations of the 700-year-old Marksburg, which is unique among the Rhine fortresses as it was never destroyed. The compulsory tour takes in the citadel, the Gothic hall and the large kitchen, plus a grisly torture chamber, with its hair-raising assortment of pain-inflicting nasties. English tours take place at 3pm and 4pm from mid-March to October.

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Nearby Rhine Valley attractions

1. Schloss Stolzenfels

3.29 MILES

A vision of crenellated towers, ornate gables and medieval-style fortifications, Schloss Stolzenfels rises above the Rhine’s left bank 5km south of the…

2. Rheinallee

3.64 MILES

Lined with boat docks, hotels, cafes, restaurants and wine taverns, Boppard's beautiful pedestrian promenade runs along the riverfront. There are grassy…

3. Marktplatz

3.77 MILES

Just off Boppard’s main commercial street, the pedestrianised, east–west oriented Oberstrasse, is the ancient Marktplatz, today a favourite local hang-out.

4. Severuskirche

3.79 MILES

The impressive late Romanesque 13th-century Severuskirche is built on the site of Roman military baths. Inside are polychrome wall paintings, a hanging…

5. Römer-Kastell

3.85 MILES

A block south of the Marktplatz, the Roman Fort has 55m of original 4th-century Roman wall, and graves from the Frankish era (7th century). A wall panel…

6. Mittelrhein-Museum


Spread over 1700 sq metres of the striking glass Forum Confluentes building, Koblenz' Mittelrhein-Museum's displays span 2000 years of the region’s…

7. Historiensäule

6.42 MILES

The Historiensäule portrays 2000 years of Koblenz history in 10 scenes perched one atop the other – the WWII period, for instance, is represented by a…

8. Basilika St Kastor

6.53 MILES

Adjoining a lovely formal garden is Koblenz’ oldest church, Basilika St Kastor. Established in the 9th century, it was rebuilt in the 12th century. In…