Completed in 1762, the Church of St Peter is a worthy showcase for the exuberant glory of the rococo style, with a richly adorned and gilded pulpit and altars, putti-decorated columns and a white-and-pink colour scheme.

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1. Landesmuseum Mainz

0.09 MILES

Highlights of this well laid-out state museum include an ensemble of exquisite Jugendstil pieces, outstanding collections of Renaissance and 20th-century…

2. Heiligtum der Isis und Mater Magna


In a darkened, dungeon-like space, a glass walkway leads you around this extraordinary Roman archaeological site, which was discovered in 1999 during the…

3. Mainzer Dom

0.37 MILES

Topped by an octagonal tower, Mainz’ immense cathedral, built from deep red sandstone in the 12th century, is quintessentially Romanesque. Its predecessor…

4. Druckladen – Gutenburg Museum

0.38 MILES

Across from the Gutenburg Museum, you can try out Gutenberg’s technology yourself, with instruction on the art of hand-setting type – backwards, of course…

5. Gutenberg-Museum Mainz


A heady experience for book lovers, the Gutenberg Museum commemorates native son Johannes Gutenberg, who in the 15th century ushered in the information…

6. Riverfront Promenade

0.52 MILES

A parade of barges along the Rhine pass by Mainz' riverfront promenade – a great spot for a cycle, stroll or picnic.

7. Augustinerkirche

0.52 MILES

Part of the local Catholic seminary, the classically baroque Augustinerkirche, built from 1768 to 1772, was unscathed by WWII so all its rich decor is…

8. St-Stephan-Kirche

0.58 MILES

This would be just another Gothic church rebuilt after WWII were it not for the nine brilliant-blue, stained-glass windows created by the Russian-Jewish…