Coastal Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania

The Meeresmuseum aquarium is set in a 13th-century convent building. Exhibits include a very popular sea turtle tank and polychromatic tropical fish.

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1. Marienkirche

0.17 MILES

You'll need divine inspiration to guess the number of bricks used to build the massive 14th-century Marienkirche, a superb example of north German red…

2. Rathaus

0.23 MILES

Seven copper turrets and six triangular gables grace the red-brick Gothic facade of the splendid 1370 Rathaus. The upper portion of the northern facade,…

3. Welterbe Ausstellung Stralsund

0.24 MILES

This small but excellent exhibition celebrates Stralsund's listing (along with Wismar) as a Unesco World Heritage-listed site. Information is in German…

4. Nikolaikirche

0.24 MILES

This masterpiece of medieval architecture dates to 1270 and is modelled on Lübeck's Marienkirche. Its interior is awash with colour and is filled with art…

5. Alter Markt

0.27 MILES

Stralsund's main square is a hub of its architectural treasures.

6. Wulflamhaus

0.28 MILES

A beautiful 15th-century town house named after an old mayor, the turreted step gable imitates the Rathaus facade across the square.

7. DDR Miniatur Farhzeug Museum

0.32 MILES

This cute little museum is devoted to miniature versions of all manner of vehicles from the former East Germany, all laid out in a miniature town.

8. Külpstrasse 5

0.33 MILES

This fine example of a restored gabled facade is notable for the fact that a small reconstruction of the original has been left exposed high on the wall.