The Black Forest

A cable car whisks you to the 1493m summit of Feldberg in minutes. The panorama unfolding at the top reaches across the patchwork meadows and woods of the Black Forest all the way to the Vosges and Swiss and French Alps on clear days.

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1. Naturpark Südschwarzwald

0.57 MILES

The conservation-oriented, 3700-sq-km Naturpark Südschwarzwald spans most of the southern Black Forest, home to vivacious university city Freiburg and…

2. Todtnauer Wasserfall

4.88 MILES

Heading south on the Freiburg–Feldberg road, you’ll glimpse the roaring Todtnauer Wasserfall. While the 97m falls are not as high as those in Triberg,…

3. Steinwasen Park

5.86 MILES

Buried deep in the forest, the nature-focused Steinwasen Park, 7.5km southeast of Schauinsland, is a big hit with families. A trail weaves past animal…

4. Schauinsland Peak

7.22 MILES

Looming above Freiburg, the Schauinsland peak (1284m) is topped by a lookout tower commanding fabulous views to the Rhine Valley and Alps, plus walking,…

5. Ehemaliges Benedikterkloster

10.6 MILES

The town's most outstanding landmark is this former Benedictine abbey, a rococo jewel designed by Peter Thumb of Vorarlberg. Many of the period’s top…

6. Schlossberg

12.21 MILES

The forested Schlossberg dominates Freiburg. Take the footpath opposite the Schwabentor, leading up through sun-dappled woods, or hitch a ride on the…

7. Schwabentor

12.34 MILES

The 13th-century Schwabentor, on the Schwabenring, is a massive city gate with a mural of St George slaying the dragon, and tram tracks running under its…

8. Museum für Neue Kunst

12.39 MILES

Across the Gewerbekanal from the Altstadt, this gallery highlights 20th-century Expressionist and abstract art, including emotive works by Oskar Kokoschka…