Frauenwörth Abbey


Founded in the late 8th century, this is one of the oldest abbeys in Bavaria. The 45-minute tours are in German only.

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1. Torhalle

0.08 MILES

The austerely romanesque Carolingian Torhalle built in AD 860 houses medieval objets d'art, sculpture and changing exhibitions of regional paintings from…

2. Fraueninsel

0.11 MILES

A third of this tiny island is occupied by Frauenwörth Abbey, founded in the late 8th century, making it one of the oldest abbeys in Bavaria. The 10th…

3. Schloss Herrenchiemsee

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An island just 1.5km across the Chiemsee from Prien, Herreninsel is home to Ludwig II’s Versailles-inspired castle. Begun in 1878, it was never intended…

4. Römerhofgasse

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A classic saunter leads along gingerbready Römerhofgasse, a reconstructed medieval lane that looks fresh-minted for a Disney film set with its overhanging…

5. Festung Kufstein

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Lifted high on a rocky crag like an offering to the alpine peaks that surround it, Kufstein's turreted castle provides a fascinating insight into the town…

6. Freilichtmuseum

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Outside Salzburg, near Untersberg, the open-air Freilichtmuseum harbours around 100 archetypal Austrian farmhouses, evoking the crafts and trades of yore…

7. Alpine Flower Garden

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Arnica, edelweiss and purple bellflowers are among the 400 alpine blooms flourishing at this quiet garden atop Kitzbüheler Horn. It’s a four-hour (14km)…

8. Untersberg

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Rising above Salzburg and straddling the German border is the rugged 1853m peak of Untersberg. Spectacular views of the city, the Rositten Valley and the…