Römische Bäder


Karl Friedrich Schinkel, aided by his student Ludwig Persius, dreamed up the so-called Roman Baths in Park Charlottenhof. Despite the name, it's actually a romantic cluster of 15th-century Italian country-estate buildings, complete with vine-draped pergola.

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1. Schloss Charlottenhof

0.16 MILES

The jewel of Park Charlottenhof, this small palace started out as a baroque country manor before being expanded by Karl Friedrich Schinkel for Friedrich…

2. Park Charlottenhof

0.25 MILES

Laid out by Peter Lenné for Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Park Charlottenhof segues imperceptibly from Park Sanssouci but gets far fewer visitors. Buildings here…

3. Chinesisches Haus

0.25 MILES

The 18th-century fad for the Far East is strongly reflected in the adorable Chinese House. The cloverleaf-shaped pavilion is among the park's most…

4. Park Sanssouci

0.36 MILES

Park Sanssouci is the oldest and most resplendent of Potsdam's many green patches. It's open from dawn til dusk year-round and is dotted with numerous…

5. Schloss & Park Sanssouci

0.39 MILES

This glorious park and palace ensemble is what happens when a king has good taste, plenty of cash and access to the finest architects and artists of the…

6. Orangerieschloss

0.53 MILES

Modelled after an Italian Renaissance villa, the 300m-long Orangery Palace (1864) was the favourite building project of Friedrich Wilhelm IV – a…

7. Neue Kammern

0.53 MILES

The New Chambers, built by Knobelsdorff in 1748, were originally an orangery and later converted into a guest palace. The interior drips with rococo…

8. Historische Mühle

0.56 MILES

This reconstructed 18th-century Dutch-style windmill contains exhibits about the history of the mill and mill technology, and offers a close-up look at…