This little church has roots in the 15th century but owes its current country-style looks to a restoration in 1939–41. The austere interior has excellent acoustics and is occasionally used for concerts.

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1. Rixdorfer Schmiede

0.05 MILES

This old blacksmith shop was first mentioned in 1624, making it the oldest in Berlin. It’s still in use today by a company called Eisengold, which makes…

2. Rixdorf

0.05 MILES

Weavers from Bohemia first settled in quiet Rixdorf, a tiny historic village centred on Richardplatz, in the early 18th century. Some of the original…

3. Puppentheater-Museum Berlin

0.42 MILES

At this little museum, you’ll enter a fantasy world inhabited by adorable hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, stick figures and all manner of dolls…

4. Körnerpark

0.44 MILES

This sunken neobaroque century-old garden comes with a secret: strolling past the flower beds and cascading fountain, you are actually standing in a…

5. Kindl Centre for Contemporary Art

0.79 MILES

The rambling 1920s Expressionst-style Kindl brewery provides an atmospheric backdrop for changing international contemporary art exhibits, which are…

6. Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Treptow


At the heart of Treptower Park, the gargantuan Soviet War Memorial (1949) looms above the graves of 5000 Soviet soldiers killed in the Battle of Berlin, a…

7. Archenhold Sternwarte

1.47 MILES

The star exhibit at Germany’s oldest astronomical observatory is the 21m-long refracting telescope (the world’s longest), built in 1896 by astronomer…

8. Grenzwachturm Schlesischer Busch


East German border guards, machine guns at the ready, used to keep an eye on the Berlin Wall and the infamous ‘death strip’ from this square concrete…