Boxhagener Platz


The heart of Friedrichshain, 'Boxi' is a lovely, leafy square with benches and a playground. It's framed by restored 19th-century buildings harbouring boho cafes, artisanal bakeries and shabby-chic boutiques. The area is busiest during the Saturday farmers' market and on Sundays, when a flea market brings in folks from all over town.

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2. RAW Gelände

0.35 MILES

This jumble of derelict buildings is one of the last subcultural compounds in central Berlin. Founded in 1867 as a train repair station ('Reichsbahn…

3. Urban Spree

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Comprising a gallery, a bookshop, artist studios, a concert room and a beer garden, this grassroots urban art hub is a top stop in the RAW Gelände…

4. Wall Museum East Side Gallery

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5. Oberbaumbrücke

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With its jaunty towers and turrets, crenellated walls and arched walkways, the Oberbaumbrücke (1896) gets our nod for being Berlin’s prettiest bridge…

6. Computerspielemuseum

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No matter if you grew up with Nimrod, Pac-Man, World of Warcraft or no games at all, this well-curated museum takes you on a fascinating trip down…

8. Pink Man Mural

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Italian artist Blu created this house-sized mural that depicts a creature composed of hundreds of writhing pink bodies. Note the lone white guy crouched…