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Cities like Metz, with its outstanding galleries and jewel-like Gothic cathedral, and Nancy with its art-nouveau sophistication and uplifting Unesco World Heritage square, are a terrific starting point. From here, you can strike out into more uncharted territory. A hard-hitting journey heads west to the cross-stippled battlefields of Verdun, where the longest battle of WWI unravelled.

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Aquarium d'Amnéville Admission Ticket

Visit: Aquarium d'Amneville, Amneville, Moselle, Grand EstThe Aquarium of Amneville is divided in different sections: The Submarine Embark on a submarine atmosphere and wander through its rusty holds, the bins are perfectly integrated in this setting, discover 32 aquariums, thousands of poets and invertebrates from around the world.Hippocamps, moray eels, barracudas, angelfish Butterfly fish and other brightly colored fish await you for an aquatic tour around the world. The Tropical stageThe tropical greenhouse accessible from submarine, a tropical greenhouse is also present. Adorned with lush vegetation consisting of ficus, lianas, banana trees, ferns, the greenhouse welcomes you. A magnificent waterfall falls into a pool containing pangasius. NEW: In the greenhouse 10 Asian Aquariums complete our collection. Sharks have now made their entry in the Aquarium! You will appreciate other areas such as: - The African Lakes - The Zen Garden - The Jellyfish - The Amazon - Fishes from our rivers A playground area is also available for kids

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