Pavillon du Verdurier


Around Limoges, look out for porcelain and enamel tiles on many buildings, including the Pavillon du Verdurier, a beautiful octagonal building dating from 1919. It occasionally hosts rotating exhibits.

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Nearby Limoges attractions

1. Église St-Pierre du Queyroix

0.06 MILES

The moody late-Gothic Église St-Pierre du Queyroix is notable for its characteristic Limousin belfry and stained glass.

2. Crypt of St Martial

0.09 MILES

All that remains of the once-great pilgrimage point St-Martial abbey, founded in AD 848, is a faint outline on place de la République, and an underground…

3. Cour du Temple

0.12 MILES

Tucked away between rue du Temple and rue du Consulat, this tiny enclosed courtyard is surrounded by 16th-century hôtels particuliers (private mansions)…

4. Église St-Michel des Lions

0.19 MILES

Named for the two granite lions flanking its door, Église St-Michel des Lions was built between the 14th and 16th centuries. It contains the relics …

5. Maison de la Boucherie


The Maison de la Boucherie houses a small history museum, and nearby is the tiny Chapelle Saint-Aurélien, dedicated to the patron saint of butchers.

6. Rue de la Boucherie

0.21 MILES

Pedestrianised rue de la Boucherie was named for the butchers’ shops that lined the street in the Middle Ages. Today it has many attractive medieval half…

7. Chapelle St-Aurélien

0.21 MILES

Tiny 1475 Chapelle Saint-Aurélien, dedicated to the patron saint of butchers, was acquired and maintained by the butchers' guild.

8. Musée de la Résistance

0.23 MILES

The Limousin was a stronghold of the Resistance during WWII, and this museum explores the story of their struggle against German occupation through…