Cathédrale St-Étienne

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Built between 1273 and 1888, Limoges’ Gothic cathedral is worth a visit for the Flamboyant-style Portail St-Jean, as well as a glorious rose window, a Renaissance choir screen (beneath the organ loft), and three ornate tombs in the chancel. The bell tower’s lower three stories are part of the few remaining Romanesque portions of the cathedral; its top four storeys are Gothic.

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1. Jardin de l’Évêché

0.04 MILES

Alongside Cathédrale St-Étienne, Limoges’ beautiful botanical garden stretches down towards the river, with super views. Medicinal and toxic herbs have…

2. Musée des Beaux Arts

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4. Musée de la Résistance


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5. Église St-Pierre du Queyroix

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The moody late-Gothic Église St-Pierre du Queyroix is notable for its characteristic Limousin belfry and stained glass.

6. Pavillon du Verdurier

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Around Limoges, look out for porcelain and enamel tiles on many buildings, including the Pavillon du Verdurier, a beautiful octagonal building dating from…

7. Crypt of St Martial

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All that remains of the once-great pilgrimage point St-Martial abbey, founded in AD 848, is a faint outline on place de la République, and an underground…

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