Grotte de Rouffignac

Top choice in The Dordogne

Hidden in woodland 18km north of Les Eyzies, this tri-level cave is one of the most complex and rewarding to see in the Dordogne. Board an electric train to explore a 1km maze of tunnels in the massive cavern plunging 8km into the earth.

Highlights include the frieze of 10 mammoths in procession, one of the largest cave paintings ever discovered, and the Great Ceiling, with more than 65 figures from ibex to aurochs. You’ll also see dens of long-extinct cave bears, and 17th-century graffiti.

Tickets are only sold at the cave and do sell out, so arrive by 9am in July and August to get tickets for any time that day. April to June and September to October, afternoon tickets are only available after 2pm.

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