Calanque de Morgiou

Bay in Les Calanques

Rocky, pine-covered Cap Morgiou plunges to meet the Med at the eponymous Calanque de Morgiou – a pretty little port bobbing with fishing boats and sheer rock faces spangled with thrill-seeking climbers. An evening spent at its one (seasonal) restaurant, Nautic Bar, is dreamy.

The hair-raisingly steep, narrow road (3.5km) is open to motorists weekdays only from mid-April to May, and it's closed from June to September (when a one-hour distant car park is mandatory, although those with Nautic Bar reservations are allowed through).

Thirty-seven metres below Morgiou's waters lies the entrance to the Grotte Cosquer, a miraculously preserved chamber daubed with 20,000-year old the Paleolithic art.