Bambouseraie de Prafrance


It’s more than 160 years since the first shoots of this rambling, mature bamboo grove were planted by a spice merchant returning from the tropics. Here in Générargues, 12km southwest of Alès, 150 bamboo species as well as oak and maple trees sprout amid aquatic gardens, a Laotian village and a Japanese garden. The Cévennes steam train, Train à Vapeur des Cévennes, stops here.

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Nearby Languedoc-Roussillon attractions

1. Musée du Désert

1.89 MILES

In the village of Le Mas Soubeyran (17km west of Alès), this intriguing museum traces the history of the Camisard revolt, a bloody religious struggle that…

2. La Caracole

13.26 MILES

Delving into ‘the astonishing, exciting world of the snail’, this working snail farm 12km north of Alès has a simple museum devoted to the slimy creatures…

3. Mont Aigoual Observatory

20.03 MILES

Looming 37km south of Florac off the D18 is the prominent peak of Mont Aigoual (1567m). Its lofty 1894-opened observatory is the last remaining mountain…

4. Duché

22.36 MILES

This fortified château belonged to the House of Crussol, who were the dukes of Uzès for over 1000 years until the French Revolution. The building is a…

5. Jardin Médiéval

22.4 MILES

This delightful garden contains a wealth of plants and flowers that served a variety of purposes for their medieval planters: medicinal, nutritional and…

6. Cathédrale St-Théodont

22.48 MILES

Built in 1090 on the site of a Roman temple, Uzès' cathedral was partially destroyed in both the 13th and 16th centuries and stripped during the French…

7. Musée du Bonbon Haribo

22.88 MILES

Uzès’ history as a confectionery centre lives on at this Wonka-esque museum, which explores the sweets-making process from the early 20th century through…

8. Jardins de la Fontaine

24.56 MILES

Roman remains in these elegant gardens include the 30m-high Tour Magne, raised around 15 BC – the largest of a chain of towers conveying imperial power…