Ålands Jakt och Fiskemuseum

Åland Archipelago

Overlooking Käringsund harbour, the Hunting & Fishing Museum addresses the role of these two activities in the history and culture of the Åland islands. Exhibits focus on seal hunting and seine (dragnet) fishing, as well as life in a traditional fishing village. Dinghies, seine boats and schooners are on display, as well as stuffed animals and birds.

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1. Käringsund Harbour

0.05 MILES

About 2km north of Storby, Käringsund harbour is delightfully picturesque, with rustic red wooden boathouses reflected in the calm waters. A nature trail…

2. Post och Tullhuset

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Designed by German architect CL Engel, Storby’s Post & Customs House is now a hub for local artists, with exhibitions, artisan shops and a terrific cafe…

3. Degersand

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Åland's rocky coastline doesn't often allow for good swimming beaches, but here's an exception – a long, pristine stretch of fine white sand that has been…

4. Sankta Catharina Kyrka

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Sankta Catharina Kyrka was built in the 13th century, though a fire at the beginning of the 15th century led it to be rebuilt with fresh wall paintings…

5. Sankt Mikael Kyrka

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Dating from the 1200s, Sankt Mikael Kyrka is the ancient place of worship in Pålsböle, a small village just 5km north of Godby. The church has a well…

6. Sankt Olof Kyrka

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By some accounts, Sankt Olof Kyrka is the oldest church in Finland, existing (in some form) on this site since the beginning of the 13th century. Some of…

7. Museumship Pommern

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Anchored just behind the Sjöfartsmuseum, this beautifully preserved, four-masted, merchant barque was built in 1903 in Glasgow, Scotland. The ship once…

8. Sjöfartsmuseum

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Preserved boats make up most of the exhibitions at this state-of-the-art museum exploring Åland's marine heritage; the centrepiece is a reproduction of a…