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Nature's Bounty

Ethiopia is one of Africa's most beautiful countries and its landscapes are epic in both scale and beauty. Here is a place where you can trek more than 3000m above sea level (the Simien and Bale mountains) or visit the lowest place on the African continent, the Danakil Depression. In between, there are lush highlands and stirring deserts, vertiginous canyons and sweeping savannah, vast lakes and high plateaus. If you look hard enough, you'll also find landmarks of great significance, from the source of the Blue Nile to, again, the mesmerisingly desolate Danakil Depression, peppered with an astonishing 25% of Africa’s active volcanoes.

Historical Wonders

Ethiopia, the only African country to have escaped European colonialism, has retained much of its cultural identity and its story is one of Africa's most fascinating. It all begins with Lucy, one of our most celebrated ancient ancestors, moves effortlessly into the realm of ancient Aksum with its oblelisks and echoes of the Queen of Sheba, and then takes on power and passion as Christianity, with mysterious echoes of Ancient Israel, takes centre stage. And unlike so many other places in Africa, the ancients here left behind some extraordinary monuments to faith and power which serve as focal points for so many wonderful journeys.

Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to Africa's most underrated wildlife destination. The Ethiopian wolf, that charismatic canid from the high country around the Simein Mountains, Menz-Guassa and Bale Mountains, is the ultimate prize, the sighting of a lifetime. There are gelada monkeys across the high northern plateau as well as other primates, while watching the extravagantly horned and sure-footed walia ibex cling to a rocky precipice is one of the great sights in nature. The birdwatching, too, ranks among the best in Africa. And there are elephants at Babille, crocodiles in Nechisar and the hyenas of Harar. It's quite a line-up, one that could add a whole new dimension to your trip.

Peoples with Proud Traditions

When it comes to human cultures, Ethiopia has an embarrassment of riches. There are the Surmi, Afar, Mursi, Karo, Hamer, Nuer and Anuak, whose ancient customs and traditions have remained almost entirely intact. Venturing into these communities and staying among them is akin to receiving a privileged initiation into a forgotten world. A highlight of any trip here is witnessing one of the many festivals that are an integral part of the traditional culture, from age-old ceremonies marking rites of passage to Christian celebrations of singular passion, the impact upon those who witness such events can provide travel memories to last a lifetime.

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$99 Tours & Sightseeing

Addis Ababa City Tour

The tour starts with a pick up from Bole International Airport or at your hotel, and drive to Trinity Cathedral Church which has unique architectural style. Then, you will be taken to the National Museum of Ethiopia for visiting the long age history of Ethiopia and the oldest human ancestor, Lucy. After lunch, we will go to the ethnographic museum and admire the country's different nationalities cultural materials. Finish the tour with shopping in Merkato, the local marketplace which is said to be Africa’s largest open-air market.

$80 Day Trips & Excursions

Debre Libanos Monastery and Nile Gorge from Addis Ababa

You will be picked up from your hotel between 7:30am and 8am. Accompanied by a tour guide and a driver, you will start your journey to Entoto Mountains. Once at the mountains, you will be given enough time to enjoy the stunning view point of Addis Ababa, the beautiful landscape and to socialize with locals. After Entoto, you will head directly to Debre Libanos Monastery. Once you get to the Monastery, first you will visit the old and historic churches, and later move on to the recently opened Museum. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to do a cultural visit with the Oromo people and to experience the local life. See a bit of wildlife: several endemic birds as well as the Gelada baboons in the Gorge.After the museum tour is concluded, you will head to a restaurant with breathtaking views of the Jemma River Gorge for a late lunch. After lunch, you will take a short walk to Ras Darge's bridge ("Portugese Bridge"). Time permitting, you can visit the Blue Nile Gorge or, at the very minimum, enjoy a stunning view of it from distance. Climb to the cave of St. Teklehaimanot for a short tour by the monks there. Then drive back to Addis to be dropped off at your hotel.

$215 Day Trips & Excursions

Day-Trip Church of Adadi Mariam from Addis Ababa

Start driving the total of 192 km, with a private Toyota Minivan equipped with air conditioning and seat belts, south of Addis Ababa through the scenic Rift Valley. The first stop along the way is at an outlook to enjoy and take a photo of the Rift Valley, and then cross the bridge over the Awash River (an inbound river which doesn’t reach the sea) by walking.  After driving 62 km, of which 12 is on a gravel road, visit the ancient rock-carved church of Adadi Mariam which was founded in the 13th Century by King Lalibela. If the day is Thursday or Sunday, visit the colorful cultural weekly held market of the Oromo people at Adadi town. On the way back to the main road, stop at a local family house to take part in a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and to learn how to cook Enjera. Then, head to the Steles of Tiya to visit about 40 stone grave markers which are decorated with carvings and erected in the 14th Century AD in honor of a local hero. It is one of the sites of Ethiopia included the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. En route back to Addis Ababa, visit the prehistoric archaeological site of Melka Kunture to visit ancient fossils of animals and humans and some of the oldest stone tools humankind ever used. This is a private tour for up to 6 visitors in a group for the same price including the private comfortable Toyota Minivan with fuel (gasoline) and driver’s allowance, family visit and coffee ceremony attendance, professional experience English speaking tour guide and all related government taxes.

$196.62 Cultural & Theme Tours

Lalibela Rock Churches Guided Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Highland Eco Trekking Tours EthiopiaThe tour company Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Rock-Hewn Churches of LalibelaA guide from our team will meet you at Lalibela airport arrival with a car to bring you to your Hotel. The drive from the Airport to Laibela town (your hotel) would be 24 k/m, and takes around 30 minutes.After check-in, start your tour to the UNESCO World Heritage site rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, visiting the Northwestern Cluster of churches, which is built by the symbol of the earthly Jerusalem:-Bet Medhane Alem, Bet Maryam, Bet Meskel, Bet Danaghel, Bet Mikael & Bet Golgotha (entry not permitted for Women).From 12 - 2pm the churches are closed and the key -man will go for lunch break.We also will take you to one of the best restaurant for lunch (7olives Hotel).In the afternoon, after lunch continue with the South-eastern Cluster of churches, built by the symbol of heavenly Jerusalem:–Bet Gabriel-Rufael, Bet Merkorios, Bet Amanual, and Bet Abba Libanos.Finally, you will visit the most famous of all the churches –Bet Giyorgis (St George), constructed in honour of the patron Saint George.After having visited all the churches, we take you to the villages where you will be able to see the way life of the locals very closely, and get invited for our famous traditional coffee ceremony.In the Evening after dinner in Kana restaurant, we will invite you to try our famous home-made Honey wine, in one of the best traditional bar we have in town called Torpido. There you will also have the chance to see the Amhara tribes dance and enjoy our traditional music live. Then we bring you to your hotel.Next day morning transfer to the airport.* If you arrive in the afternoon in Lalibela, you will visit some of the churches from 2pm -5pm, then visit the rest of the churches before your departure to the airport. We also organize an amazing ECO trekking tour to the highlands above Lalibela, Contact us for details or see our listed tour here on Tripadvisor Experience Duration: 1 dayStop At: Church of St. GeorgeThe famous cross shaped church of St. George is one of the highlight of Lalibela churches.Duration: 40 minutes

$92 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Addis Ababa Market Tour and Cooking Class plus Coffee Ceremony

Daniel and his wife Tigist are from the Oromia region of Ethiopia but love to cook dishes from around the country, so prepare to be served pan-Ethiopian cuisine. Tigist learned to cook helping her mother around the house as a child and ran her own kitchen after marrying Daniel, who has a master's degree in Social Anthropology and is a tourism professional - he has led trips around Ethiopia for over a decade! Daniel speaks perfect English and enjoys discussing diverse subjects from food and history to politics. He loves meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and sharing his rich heritage with them. They are blessed with three handsome boys who may join you during your experience if it's on a weekend. While the market is open on all days, Wednesdays and Saturdays are especially good for visits. Saturday is considered market day all over the country and the market teems with life and people. This is a unique opportunity to learn from locals and experience authentic Ethiopia with its traditions and cuisine - so join these great hosts and leave with a full stomach and new memories to share with your loved ones at home! If there is a particular dish you are interested in cooking, please include it in advance when making your booking.

$150 Tours & Sightseeing

Full-Day Private City Tour of Addis Ababa

You will be met at your hotel in Addis Ababa, and received a brief about Ethiopia in general and the tour for about 10 minutes. Then, you will drive to the National Musem of Ethiopia to visit the fossil remains of Lucy. Next you drive for about 30 minutes to the peak of Mount Entoto to have a panoramic view of Addis, and we visit St. Raguel church which is the oldest in Addis (142 years old) and it is famous for its beautiful hand painted wall paintings which is as old as the church. Then, you descend the mountains and head to Merkato which is the largest open air market in Africa. At Merkato you spend about an hour visiting the spice, secondhand, and basket sections.  You will then have a lunch break at one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurants in Addis where you will taste delicious Ethiopian meals.  Finally, visit Holy Trinity Cathedral, Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum, and drive on the main streets of Addis to visit the historical monuments before heading back to the hotel.