Marble Hill House is on northern banks of River Thames, situated halfway between Richmond and Twickenham, UK.

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Marble Hill House

Richmond, Kew & Hampton Court

An 18th-century Palladian peach conceived as an idyllic escape from the hurly-burly of city life, this majestic love nest was originally built for George II’s mistress Henrietta Howard and later occupied by Mrs Fitzherbert, the secret wife of George IV. Poet Alexander Pope had a hand in designing the park, which stretches down to the Thames. Closed for restorations at time of research, works are underway to open the house to the public for free, five days a week, in 2021.

To get here from St Margaret’s station, turn right along St Margaret’s Rd, then take the right fork along Crown Rd and turn left along Richmond Rd. Turn right along Beaufort Rd and walk across Marble Hill Park to the house. It is also easily accessible by pedestrian ferry from Ham House. It’s a 25-minute walk from Richmond station.

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