Deptford Market Yard


The latest incarnation of this series of railway arches, originally used to store horses and carriages in the mid-1800s and later converted to WWII air-raid shelters, has seen a collection of indie shops, cocktail bars and a craft-beer taproom open up in these once derelict spaces.

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1. St Paul's Church

0.13 MILES

The baroque St Paul's Church was built in 1730. In the churchyard is the grave of Mydiddee, a native Tahitian who returned with Captain Bligh (of Bounty…

2. Albury St

0.18 MILES

Delightful Albury St is lined with early Georgian buildings that once housed Deptford's naval officers, allegedly including Lord Nelson and his lover Lady…

3. Cockpit Arts

0.26 MILES

Creekside street running parallel to Deptford Creek is lined with galleries and artist studios that have regularly changing art exhibitions, including…

4. St Nicholas Church

0.31 MILES

The graveyard of this late-17th-century church contains a memorial to playwright Christopher Marlowe. Murdered at age 29 during a brawl in a Deptford…

5. Statue of Peter the Great

0.48 MILES

This strange statue recalls the Russian tsar's four-month stay in 1698 when he came to Deptford to learn more about new developments in shipbuilding.

6. St Alfege Church

0.74 MILES

Designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor to replace a 13th-century church and consecrated in 1718, baroque St Alfege features a restored mural by James Thornhill …

7. Greenwich Foot Tunnel

0.77 MILES

Reached via glass-topped domes (with lifts and steps) on either side of the River Thames, this white-tiled 370m-long pedestrian tunnel opened in 1902…

8. Cutty Sark


The last of the great clipper ships to sail between China and England in the 19th century, the Cutty Sark was launched in 1869 and carried almost 4.5…