Brompton Cemetery

Cemetery in West London

Image by Will Jones Lonely Planet

The United Kingdom's sole cemetery owned by the Crown, this atmospheric 19th-century, 16-hectare boneyard's most famous denizen may be suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, but it's also fascinating as the possible inspiration for many of Beatrix Potter’s characters. A local resident in her youth, Potter may have noted some of the names on headstones: there's a Mr Nutkin, Mr McGregor, Jeremiah Fisher, Tommy Brock – even a Peter Rabbet! The chapel and colonnades at one end are modelled on St Peter’s in Rome.

Two-hour tours depart at 2pm every Sunday from May to August (and two Sundays a month in September, October, November, March and April) from the chapel itself. At the time of writing, visits to the catacombs were to become a more regular option, due to their popularity (see for details). The catacombs can also be visited during the annual summer open day.