Coloured Canyon


This canyon derives its name from the layers of bright, multicoloured stones that resemble paintings on its steep, narrow walls. It's magnificently beautiful. As the canyon is sheltered from the wind, the silence is one of its most impressive features. It's a favourite day trip from both Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh, so unfortunately the ambience can be destroyed somewhat if a couple of large bus tours arrive at the same time.

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1. Wadi Huweiyit

1.76 MILES

Wadi Huweiyit is an impressive sandstone canyon with lookouts that give panoramic views over to Saudi Arabia.

2. Mayet El Wishwashi

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The area around the spring of Mayat El Wishwashi is great for hiking. The actual spring is hidden within a canyon and only has only a trickle of water,…

3. Wadi Sheikh Atiya

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5. Tarabin Beach

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Tarabin's skinny strip of beach is a mix of golden sand and small pebbles and has a decent snorkelling reef just offshore.

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8. Nuweiba Beach

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This rather lovely sweep of golden sand straddles the coastline just south of Nuweiba City. It's the widest strip of beach in the Nuweiba area so is good…