The Underwater Observatory Aquarium in Eilat, Israel.

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Underwater Observatory Marine Park


The stand-out feature of this aquarium complex, hugely popular with families, is the observatory, which takes you 12m below the surface of the Red Sea into the living reef for a scuba diver's view of the fish and corals. Other highlights include Shark World, a 7m-deep tank that's home to sharks and stingrays, and the excellent Rare Fish Aquarium. Tickets are valid for three days, but to come back, you need to get a photo re-entry ticket (free).

Every half-hour you can watch staff feed the fish and sea turtles (green and hawksbill), some of them enormous. Cruises on the park's Coral 2000 glass-bottomed, deep-hulled boat leave hourly between 10.25am and 1.25pm (adult/child 28/22NIS). Guides, wearing turquoise-coloured shirts, are happy to answer questions. Situated at the southern tip of the Coral Beach Nature Reserve; a taxi from town costs about 40NIS.

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