This large sand dune marks the end of Nuweiba City and the beginning of the Tarabin beachfront area. If you're in the Tarabin area, it's a good swimming spot.

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Nearby Nuweiba attractions

1. Tarabin Beach

0.29 MILES

Tarabin's skinny strip of beach is a mix of golden sand and small pebbles and has a decent snorkelling reef just offshore.

2. Nuweiba Beach

1.36 MILES

This rather lovely sweep of golden sand straddles the coastline just south of Nuweiba City. It's the widest strip of beach in the Nuweiba area so is good…

3. Ras Shaitan

1.92 MILES

The highlight of this dive 15km north of Nuweiba is undoubtedly the contoured topography, including narrow valleys, sand-filled depressions and deep…

4. Sinker

3.88 MILES

The Sinker is a massive submerged mooring buoy designed for cargo ships, which was sunk by mistake in the mid-1990s. Since then it has developed into a…

5. Ain Al Furtega

6.76 MILES

This pretty palm-filled oasis is a relaxing spot and makes for a nice add-on if you're exploring the desert scenery of the region. It's 16km northwest of…

6. Wadi Huweiyit

10.71 MILES

Wadi Huweiyit is an impressive sandstone canyon with lookouts that give panoramic views over to Saudi Arabia.

7. Coloured Canyon

12.07 MILES

This canyon derives its name from the layers of bright, multicoloured stones that resemble paintings on its steep, narrow walls. It's magnificently…

8. Al Sharim Beach

12.19 MILES

Al Sharim Beach feels delightfully remote. The beach is literally the desert arriving at the sea, complete with camels who wander freely in the area. The…