Reliefs showing the mistress of the house and the chantress of Amun at the tomb of Sennefer in Luxor, Egypt.

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Tombs of Sennofer & Rekhmire

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The most interesting parts of the tomb of Sennofer, overseer of the Garden of Amun under Amenhotep II, are to be found deep underground, in the main chamber. The ceiling there is covered with clear paintings of grapes and vines, while most of the vivid scenes on the surrounding walls and columns depict Sennofer and all the different women in his life, including his wife, daughters and wet nurse. It is a short but steep climb down into the tomb.

The tomb of Rekhmire, vizier under Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep II, is one of the best preserved in the area. The long, narrow central chamber is unusual in that it slopes upwards towards a false door. The west wall shows Rekhmire inspecting the production of metals, bricks, jewellery, leather, furniture and statuary, including workers on scaffolding. The east wall shows banquet scenes, complete with lyrics; the female harpist sings: ‘Put perfume on the hair of the goddess Maat’.

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