Assasif Tombs

Tomb in Luxor

This group of tombs, near the Temple of Hatshepsut, belongs to 18th-dynasty nobles, and 25th- and 26th-dynasty nobles under the Nubian pharaohs. The area is under excavation by archaeologists, who found a new tomb as recently as 2015, so of the many tombs here only a few are open to the public. These include the Tombs of Kheruef and Ankhhor. The nearby tomb of Pabasa, a 26th-dynasty priest, has wonderful scenes of agriculture, including beekeeping, hunting and fishing.

Tickets are available at the ticket office of the Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir Al Bahri). Because these tombs are less visited, you may need to look for the guardian in order to have the gates opened.