Tombs of Khonsu, Userhet & Benia (Nos 31, 51 & 343)

Tomb in Luxor

The tomb of Benia is the most colourful of this trio. Benia was a boarder in the Royal Nursery and chief treasurer during the reign of Tuthmosis III. There are many scenes of offering tables piled high with food and drinks overlooked by Benia, and sometimes by his parents. In a niche at the end of the tomb, a statue of Benia is flanked by his parents, all three with destroyed faces.

Khonsu was First Prophet in the now-vanished memorial temple of Tuthmosis III (1479–1425 BC). Inside the first chamber of Khonsu’s tomb are scenes of the Montu festival at Armant, about 20km south of Luxor; this was the festival of the god of war over which Khonsu presided. The sacred barque with the shrine of Montu is towed by two smaller boats. The gods Osiris and Anubis are also honoured, and in many scenes Khonsu is seen making offerings to them. The ceiling is adorned with images of ducks flying around and nests with eggs. Next door is the less-well-preserved tomb of Userhet, a priest during the time of Seti I (1294–1279 BC).