Playa Frontón

Las Galeras

Playa Frontón boasts some of the area’s best snorkeling. Apparently it’s also popular with drug smugglers and Dominicans braving the Mona Passage on their way to Puerto Rico. Trails lead to the beach, but it's easy to get lost, so hire a local guide – contact Karin at La Hacienda – or, preferably, come by boat: Asoldega charges about RD$3000 to Playa Frontón (RD$1000 per person with four or more).

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Nearby Las Galeras attractions

1. Playa Madama

0.43 MILES

Playa Madama is a small beach framed by high bluffs at the edge of the country; keep in mind there’s not much sunlight here in the afternoon.

2. Boca del Diablo

1.99 MILES

'Mouth of the Devil’ is an impressive vent or blowhole, where waves rush up a natural channel and blast out of a hole in the rocks. Car or motorcycle is…

3. Playita

3.69 MILES

Better than the beach in town, Playita (Little Beach) is easy to get to on foot or by motoconcho (motorcycle taxi). It’s a stretch of tannish sand and…

4. Playa Rincón

6.55 MILES

Pitch-perfect Playa Rincón, with soft, nearly white sand and multihued water good for swimming, stretches an uninterrupted 3km – enough for every day…

5. Cayo Levantado

12.11 MILES

A gorgeous public beach lies on the western third of this lush island, 7km from Samaná. It's the only section that's open to the public – a five-star…

6. Playa las Flechas

12.53 MILES

This small beach, 5km east of Samaná, is easily accessible from town. It's thought by many historians to be the site of a small and short battle between…

7. El Museo de las Ballenas

13.93 MILES

The little-visited, old fashioned Whale Museum is housed in a dilapidated building south of the center. It won't tell you more than you'll get on a whale…

8. Cascada El Limón

19.33 MILES

Tucked away in surprisingly rough landscape, surrounded by peaks covered in lush greenery, is the 52m-high El Limón waterfall. A beautiful swimming hole…