Montaña Redonda

Top choice in Punta Cana & the Southeast

This dramatic mountaintop viewpoint has been discovered by the Instagram generation – Dominicanos flock here on weekends to take photos swinging in sky-high swing sets, hammocks and teeter-totters, or flying on broomsticks. The 360-degree mountain and sea views are jaw-dropping, among the DR's most cinematic. Transport from the parking lot is RD$700, but you can group together and pay RD$100 each. The bumpy, steep ride up is as wild as a roller coaster (some folks walk the 2.1km).

Once up, it feels as though you could see Haiti on a clear enough day. There is a small shop, restaurant (mains RD$250 to RD$375) and a professional photo company. You can even paraglide right off it as well (Dominicans pay RD$2500, foreigners anywhere between US$60 to US$80, for a 15-minute ride). The entrance is 6.5km west of the Playa Limón turnoff on the highway to Sabana de la Mar.

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