Dominican Republic, Silverbanks, Humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, and divers

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Península de Samaná

This sliver of land is the antithesis of the Dominican-Caribbean dream in the southeast, where resorts rule and patches of sand come at a first-class premium. Far more laid-back and, in certain senses, more cosmopolitan, Samaná offers a European vibe as strong as espresso; it’s where escape is the operative word, and where French and Italian are at least as useful as Spanish. The majority of visitors base themselves in sophisticated and lively Las Terrenas, with sleepy Las Galeras – situated with several of the country's best and most secluded beaches within reach – a popular alternative. But distances are relatively short, so days can be spent exploring the peninsula's other natural attractions, including waterfalls, underwater geography and North Atlantic humpback whales doing their migratory song and dance from mid-January to mid-March.


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