Playa Cabarete


Main beach in front of town. Ideal for watching windsurfing, though the very best windsurfers are well offshore at the reef line. Look for them performing huge high-speed jumps and even end-over-end flips. It can get a little leery here for solo women.

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Nearby Cabarete attractions

1. Parque Nacional El Choco

0.96 MILES

The famous caves of Parque Nacional El Choco are ensconced in the foothills of the Cordillera Septentrional, among 77 sq km of pastureland, lagoon, jungle…

2. Bozo Beach

1.17 MILES

On the western downwind side of Playa Cabarete, and so named because of all the beginner windsurfers and kitesurfers who don’t yet know how to tack upwind…

3. Kite Beach

1.42 MILES

Two kilometers west of town. A sight to behold on windy days, when scores of kiters of all skill levels negotiate huge sails and 30m lines amid the waves…

4. Playa Encuentro

3.36 MILES

Four kilometers west of town. The place to go for surfing, though top windsurfers and kitesurfers sometimes come to take advantage of the larger waves…

5. Museo de la Comunidad Judía de Sosúa

7.18 MILES

This museum has exhibits with Spanish and English text describing the Jewish presence in the DR. At the multinational Evian conference in 1938 the DR was…

6. Playa Sosúa

7.19 MILES

Playa Sosúa is the main beach, and practically a city within a city. Located on a crescent-shaped bay with calm, turquoise waters, this narrowing (due to…

7. Playa Alicia

7.33 MILES

An ordinary and wide patch of brownish-yellow sand (no shade) lapped by calm waters, Playa Alicia has steadily grown and been 'replenished' since its…

8. Brugal Rum Plant

17.18 MILES

The country's most famous rum distillery offers 30-minute tours from a 2nd-floor gangway, during which visitors learn the history and process of rum…