Salto de Jimenoa Uno

Top choice in Central Highlands

So picturesque are these falls that an opening scene of the movie Jurassic Park was filmed here. Of the three waterfalls near Jarabacoa, it’s the prettiest – a 60m cascade pouring from a gaping hole in an otherwise solid rock cliff. There’s a sandy beach and an appealing swimming hole, but the water is icy cold and potentially dangerous; if you do swim, stay far away from the swirling currents.

The trailhead to the waterfall is 7km from the Total gas station in Jarabacoa along the road to Constanza. Look for the small shed housing the ‘office’ for this community project. The steep path down is slippery after rain and sweat-inducing at all other times (expect each way to take around half an hour). You'll be grateful that admission includes a bottle of water.

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