Budolfi Domkirke


This 12th-century cathedral marks the centre of the old town and its elegant carillon can be heard every hour, on the hour. Its whitewashed interior creates an almost Mediterranean ambience.

As you enter the cathedral from Algade, look up at the foyer ceiling to see colourful frescoes from around 1500. The interior boasts some beautifully carved items, including a gilded baroque altar and a richly detailed pulpit.

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Nearby Aalborg attractions

1. Old Town Hall

0.06 MILES

The baroque-style old town hall (c 1762) sits at the corner of Østerågade and Gammel Torv.

2. Aalborg Historiske Museum

0.06 MILES

Just west of Budolfi Domkirke is the town's history museum, with artefacts from prehistory to the present, and furnishings and interiors that hint at the…

3. Jens Bangs Stenhus

0.08 MILES

This five-storey Renaissance edifice was built by a well-heeled merchant in 1624. Today there's a jewellery store at ground level.

4. Helligåndsklostret

0.08 MILES

An alley off CW Obels Plads leads to the rambling Monastery of the Holy Ghost, which dates from 1431 and is home to some fascinating frescoes. The…

5. Gråbrødrekloster Museet


This underground museum allows you to step off one of Aalborg’s busiest shopping streets to explore the life of a Franciscan friary in medieval times…

6. Jørgen Olufsens House

0.16 MILES

Jørgen Olufsen’s house was built by a wealthy mayor in 1616 and now operates as a cosy Irish pub.

7. Langes Gård

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The neighbourhood around Vor Frue Kirke is worth a wander, particularly the cobbled L-shaped street of Hjelmerstald. Halfway down the street is Langes…

8. Vor Frue Kirke


This church is a landmark in the old part of town, anchoring a neighbourhood worth a wander.