Must see attractions in Aalborg

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    Lindholm Høje

    The Limfjord was a kind of Viking motorway providing easy, speedy access to the Atlantic for longboat raiding parties. It’s not surprising, then, that the…

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    The Aalborg waterfront promenade, extending east from Limfjordsbroen, is a great example of urban regeneration, taking what was a scruffy dockside area…

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    Utzon Center

    This impressive 700-sq-metre design and architecture space, with its distinctive silver roofscape, sits pretty on the waterfront. It's the last building…

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    Housed in a stunning white-marble building designed by the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, Kunsten is Aalborg's high-quality museum of modern art…

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    Budolfi Domkirke

    This 12th-century cathedral marks the centre of the old town and its elegant carillon can be heard every hour, on the hour. Its whitewashed interior…

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    Aalborg Zoo

    Teeming with feathered, furry and four-legged friends, it’s no surprise this zoo is one of Denmark’s most popular. Some 1200 animals call it home,…

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    Gråbrødrekloster Museet

    This underground museum allows you to step off one of Aalborg’s busiest shopping streets to explore the life of a Franciscan friary in medieval times…

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    Langes Gård

    The neighbourhood around Vor Frue Kirke is worth a wander, particularly the cobbled L-shaped street of Hjelmerstald. Halfway down the street is Langes…

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    Once a power station, this cultural centre is home to a theatre, concert venue, art-house cinema, gallery, fitness centre, plus a couple of eateries. The…

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    Lindholm Høje Museet

    This museum adjoins the Lindholm Høje Viking burial site and explains its history, and has displays on archaeological finds made during its excavation…

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    Aalborg Historiske Museum

    Just west of Budolfi Domkirke is the town's history museum, with artefacts from prehistory to the present, and furnishings and interiors that hint at the…

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    An alley off CW Obels Plads leads to the rambling Monastery of the Holy Ghost, which dates from 1431 and is home to some fascinating frescoes. The…

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    Jørgen Olufsens House

    Jørgen Olufsen’s house was built by a wealthy mayor in 1616 and now operates as a cosy Irish pub.

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    Jens Bangs Stenhus

    This five-storey Renaissance edifice was built by a well-heeled merchant in 1624. Today there's a jewellery store at ground level.

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    Aalborghus Slot

    An anachronism among all the waterfront development, the mid-16th-century, half-timbered Aalborghus Slot is more an administrative office than a castle,…

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    Old Town Hall

    The baroque-style old town hall (c 1762) sits at the corner of Østerågade and Gammel Torv.

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    Vor Frue Kirke

    This church is a landmark in the old part of town, anchoring a neighbourhood worth a wander.