Fårup Sommerland

Northern Jutland

One of the most-visited Danish attractions, this wholesome (and pricey) amusement park caters to holidaying families in search of distractions – of which there are plenty, from roller coasters to kiddie-safe rides and a huge waterpark with wave pool and water slides. Everyone over the age of three pays the same entrance fee. Consider visiting just in the afternoon, when the entry price drops to 175kr to 200kr (depending on the time of year).

Closing hours vary (from 5pm to 9pm); check the website to confirm opening days and hours.

The park is on the outskirts of Blokhus, about 15km south of Løkken. Such is its popularity, frequent summer buses run here from Aalborg (bus 200), Frederikshavn (bus 77) and Skagen (bus 99, via Hirtshals, Hjørring and Løkken).

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