Bjørn Nørgaard's fascinating sculpture 'Trinity' is an almost orgiastic trio of intertwined geriatric male figures sprouting uncomfortable bumps, mini sub-figures and a golden egg. Supposedly this represents three aspects of Hans Christian Andersen's talent. Really?!

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Nearby Odense attractions

1. Sankt Hans Kirke

0.11 MILES

Though most of the triple-transept brick structure you see today dates from 1880, there has been a church on this spot since before 1295, and for much of…

2. Jernbanemuseet

0.13 MILES

For train buffs, this fabulous video-rich museum is almost reason enough to come to Denmark. The core collection of over 30 engines and wagons, ranging…

3. HC Andersens Hus

0.19 MILES

Lying amid the seemingly miniaturised streets of the former poor quarter is the sparse little cottage where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Visiting it…

4. Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet

0.22 MILES

In the charming Fyrtøjet, children are encouraged to explore the world of Hans Christian Andersen through music and storytelling.

5. HC Andersen Museum

0.24 MILES

This striking exhibition takes its design cues from Hans Christian Andersen's playful papercuts, and features his personal effects plus a virtual reality…

6. Hans Andersen Statue

0.26 MILES

Outside the low-rise Radisson Blu hotel, Hans Christian Andersen sits with top hat on a seat awaiting selfies.

7. Tinsoldaten

0.31 MILES

The one-legged military figure outside a branch of Nelle's cafe-bar is not to commemorate a historical conflict but represents the Tin Soldier, sad hero…

8. Møntergården

0.33 MILES

The new, stylishly designed main section of this city-history museum takes visitors on a thematic walk through humorously named 'Funen – Centre of the…