Completed in 1905, Copenhagen's national Romantic-style city hall is the work of architect Martin Nyrop. Inside is the curious Jens Olsen's World Clock, designed by astro mechanic Jens Olsen (1872–1945) and built at a cost of one million kroner. It displays not only local time, but also solar time, sidereal time, sunrises and sunsets, firmament and celestial-pole migration, planet revolutions, the Gregorian calendar and even changing holidays! You can also climb the 105m city hall tower for a commanding view.

Rådhus' architecture is influenced by both medieval Danish and northern Italian architecture, the latter most notable in the central, fountain-graced courtyard. Adorning the facade above the main entrance is a golden statue of Bishop Absalon, who founded the city in 1167. English-language guided tours of the building (50kr) are available at 1pm on weekdays and at 10am on Saturday.