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Art and culture

Copenhagen alternatives: 5 best cities to escape the crowds

5 min readPublished Aug 22, 2019

Denmark’s capital is trying to protect itself from overtourism. Help it out by visiting the best Copenhagen alternatives in Europe to escape the crowds.

A view down the river in Hamburg with tall beautiful architecture on either side and the sun setting behind it; Copenhagen alternatives
Food and drink

Aarhus for beginners

5 min readPublished May 10, 2016

Aarhus has long laboured in the shadow cast by Copenhagen, but transformation is afoot in Denmark's second-largest city. This Viking-founded hub on the…

Aarhus for beginners
Food and drink

New Nordic beyond Noma: the rise of Danish cuisine in Aarhus

5 min readPublished Nov 16, 2015

The long-held acclaim of New Nordic restaurant Noma helped Copenhagen to become the world’s number one culinary hotspot.

New Nordic beyond Noma: the rise of Danish cuisine in Aarhus