Tábor Gate


The first of two main gates into the Vyšehrad complex when coming from the metro is a 17th-century archway marked with a lively, faux-Gothic top.

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1. Peak Gate

0.06 MILES

Just beyond the Tabor Gate stand the remants of the original Gothic Peak Gate, which once served as the main entryway into the complex.

2. Vyšehrad Citadel

0.07 MILES

The Vyšehrad Citadel refers to the complex of buildings and structures atop Vyšehrad Hill that have played an important role in Czech history for over…

3. Leopold Gate

0.15 MILES

The baroque Leopold Gate marks the impressive entryway into the inner Vyšehrad complex. It was built in the mid-17th century to serve both a ceremonial…

4. Rotunda of St Martin

0.18 MILES

The 11th-century Rotunda of St Martin is Prague’s oldest surviving building. The door and frescoes date from a renovation made about 1880. The rotunda is…

5. Brick Gate & Casements

0.33 MILES

The Brick Gate & Casements highlight Vyšehrad's role as a military fortress in the 17th and 18th centuries, a period when the area was fought over by…

6. Church of Sts Peter & Paul

0.34 MILES

There's been a church on this site for around 1000 years, though the distinctive twin steeples, a feature of the Vyšehrad skyline, were added only in 1903…

7. Vyšehrad Cemetery

0.35 MILES

Vyšehrad Cemetery is a major attraction for many visitors, being the final resting place for dozens of Czech luminaries, including Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich…

8. Gothic Cellar

0.37 MILES

The restored Gothic cellars that once lay beneath Charles IV’s palace (now gone) house an exhibition dedicated to the history and legend of Vyšehrad. The…