Church of Our Lady of Unceasing Succour

Malá Strana

The baroque Church of Our Lady of Unceasing Succour was a theatre from 1834 to 1837, and staged Czech plays during the Czech National Revival.

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1. Nerudova

0.04 MILES

Following the tourist crowds downhill from the castle via Ke Hradu, you will arrive at Nerudova, architecturally the most important street in Malá Strana …

2. Museum Montanelli

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Tourists, drawn in by an attractive cafe and bookshop, rub shoulders with connoisseurs of the Czech art world in this private gallery. Having rapidly…

3. St John of Nepomuk House

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Built in 1566, the St John of Nepomuk house is adorned with the image of one of Bohemia’s patron saints.

4. House of the Golden Horseshoe

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The House of the Golden Horseshoe is named after the relief of St Wenceslas above the doorway – his horse was said to be shod with gold.

5. House at the Three Fiddles

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This Gothic building reconstructed in Renaissance style during the 17th century once belonged to a family of violin makers.

6. Bretfeld Palace

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Built for aristocrat Josef of Bretfeld, this 1765 palace was once a social hotspot, entertaining famous guests such as Mozart and Casanova.

7. KGB Museum


The enthusiastic Russian collector of KGB memorabilia who established this small museum insists on showing visitors around his treasure trove of spy…

8. St Vitus Treasury

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On the right of the Second Courtyard, the Chapel of the Holy Cross (1763) houses the St Vitus Treasury, a spectacular collection of ecclesiastical bling…