Chemistry Gallery


Edgy gallery dedicated to showing contemporary urban art, street art and graffiti from young Czech and international artists. Artists include Pasta Oner, arguably the best-known Czech street artist.

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1. National Technical Museum

0.16 MILES

Prague’s family-friendly National Technical Museum got a high-tech renovation in 2012 and is a dazzling presentation of the country's industrial heritage…

2. National Museum of Agriculture

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Located next to the National Technical Museum, Prague's agriculture museum is a great place to take little ones. Exhibits include moving tractors, lots of…

3. Letná Gardens

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Lovely Letná Gardens occupies a bluff over the Vltava River, north of the Old Town, and has postcard-perfect views out over the city, river, and bridges…

4. Stromovka Park

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Just west of Výstaviště, Stromovka is central Prague’s largest park. In the Middle Ages it was a royal hunting preserve, which is why it’s sometimes…

5. Veletržní Palác

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The National Gallery's collection of 19th-, 20th- and 21st-century art is spread over four floors and is a strong contender for Prague's best museum. It…

6. Prague Planetarium

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The planetarium in Stromovka park, just west of Výstaviště, presents various slide and video presentations in addition to daily star shows. Most shows are…

7. Lapidárium


An outlying branch of the National Museum and an often-overlooked gem, the Lapidárium is a repository for some 400 sculptures from the 11th to the 19th…

8. Convent of St Agnes

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In the northeastern corner of Staré Město is the former Convent of St Agnes, Prague’s oldest surviving Gothic building. The 1st-floor rooms hold the…