The crypt of the Church of Sts Peter & Paul houses an ossuary, packed with the bones of around 15,000 people, dug up to make room for 16th-century plague victims. The bones are arranged in the shapes of anchors, hearts and crosses (symbols of faith, love and hope). This crypt is much more visceral and claustrophobic than the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutná Hora; the floor is of beaten earth, and you literally rub shoulders with the bones.

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1. Church of Sts Peter & Paul

0.01 MILES

Next to Mělník chateau is this 15th-century Gothic church, with baroque furnishings and remnants of its Romanesque predecessor incorporated into the rear…

2. Mělník Chateau

0.05 MILES

This Renaissance chateau was acquired by the Lobkowicz family in 1739, and they opened it to the public in 1992. You can wander through the former living…

3. Troja Chateau

16.4 MILES

Troja Chateau is a 17th-century baroque palace built for the Šternberk family and filled with sculptures and frescoes. The permanent exhibition is devoted…

4. Prague Zoo

16.54 MILES

Prague’s attractive zoo is set in 60 hectares of wooded grounds on the banks of the Vltava. It makes for a great outing for kids. There are sizeable…

5. DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

16.88 MILES

This alternative art gallery is at the heart of Holešovice’s growing reputation as one of Prague's most hip districts. The exhibitions highlight a wide…

6. Křižík’s Fountain

16.93 MILES

Each evening from spring to late autumn the musical Křižík’s Fountain performs its computer-controlled light-and-water dance. Performances range from…

7. Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds

16.99 MILES

This sprawling, somewhat neglected area of attractions and buildings was first laid out for the 1891 Jubilee Exhibition. These days it holds mainly trade…

8. Mořský Svět

17.03 MILES

The Czech ‘Sea World’ has the largest water tank in the country, with a capacity of around 100,000L. Some 4500 living species of fish and sea creatures…