Green Line

Nicosia (Lefkosia)

The presence of the UN Buffer Zone (commonly called the Green Line) slashing through the capital is a prominent reminder of the island's ongoing division. Walking the Line is an eerily bizarre experience: streets come to sudden dead-ends with oil-barrel barricades; abandoned houses teeter on the brink of decay; and there are points where the flags of the Republic of Cyprus and Greece, on one side, and those of Northern Cyprus and Turkey, on the other, face off across the empty Buffer Zone.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Nicosia (Lefkosia) attractions

1. Church of Panagia Faneromeni

0.11 MILES

Built in 1872 on the site of an ancient Orthodox nunnery, this is the largest church within the city walls and is a mixture of neoclassical, Byzantine and…

2. Bandabulya

0.11 MILES

Dating back to the early 20th century, this covered market has a mix of produce stalls piled high with fruit and vegetables for local shoppers, craft…

3. Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre

0.13 MILES

This contemporary-art museum is housed in a former power station, and is the city’s equivalent to London’s Tate Modern. The former industrial setting is…

4. Kıbrıs Türk İslam Eserleri Müzesi

0.13 MILES

This museum has a small but beautiful collection of Turkish carpets that is worth popping in and having a look at if you're a textiles fan. It's tucked…

5. Bedestan

0.13 MILES

Renovated as part of the Nicosia Master Plan, the imposing Bedestan dates from the 6th century, when it was built as a small Byzantine chapel. It was…

6. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

0.14 MILES

The highlight here is the beautifully curated Museum of George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection on the mezzanine floor, which contains more than 600 …

7. Eaved House

0.15 MILES

Unique for its wide eaves, this house is a combination of Lusignan and Ottoman architecture and now functions as an art and culture centre hosting…

8. Selimiye Mosque

0.15 MILES

North Nicosia’s most prominent landmark (also clearly visible from the southern half of the city), the Selimiye Mosque is a beautiful mongrel of a…