Monastery of Agios Irakleidios

Nicosia (Lefkosia)

A visit to this historic monastery – a nun's convent since the 1960s – is easily combined with an excursion to the nearby archaeological site of Ancient Tamassos. The original church was built in the 5th century AD, but the current monastic buildings date from the late 18th century. The church today boasts the usual panoply of frescos and icons. On a table to the eastern side of the church you can spot a jewelled reliquary containing the skull of St Irakleidios.

St Irakleidios was born in Tamassos and guided St Paul and St Barnabas around Cyprus. He was later made one of the first bishops in Cyprus by Barnabas. The bishop has been subsequently credited with the performance of a number of miracles, including exorcisms.