Terminal de Ferrocarriles

Ciego de Ávila Province

Morón has long been central Cuba's main railway crossroads and exhibits the most elegant railway station outside Havana. Built in 1923, the building's edifice is neocolonial, though inside the busy ticket hall hides a more streamlined art deco look. Equally eye-catching is the stained-glass skylight. Like many things in provincial Cuba, it's crying out for a sympathetic restoration.

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1. Museo Caonabo

0.27 MILES

In among the teeming sidewalks and peeling colonnades, this well-laid-out museum of history and archaeology is housed in Morón's former bank, an…

2. Cockerel

0.59 MILES

Morón is famous for its emblematic cockerel, which stands guard on a roundabout opposite the Hotel Morón on the southern edge of town. It's named after a …

3. Parque Agramonte

1.03 MILES

Small park in the northern part of Morón with a small church and an old theater. The access road to Laguna de la Leche branches north from here.

4. Central Patria o Muerte


Cuba's sugar industry is preserved at this huge, rusting ex-sugar mill founded in 1914 in the village of Patria, 3km south of Morón. Guides explain the…

5. Laguna de la Leche

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Laguna de la Leche (Milk Lake), named for its reflective underwater lime deposits, is Cuba's largest natural lake (66 sq km). Its water content is a…

6. Laguna La Redonda

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Anglers, listen up: 12km north of Morón, off the Cayo Coco road, this mangrove-rimmed, 4-sq-km lake has the island's best square-kilometer density of bass…

7. El Pueblo Holandés

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A small community with 49 red-roofed, Dutch-style dwellings, El Pueblo Holandés is on a hill next to the highway, 4km north of Laguna La Redonda. It was…

8. Ganado Santa Gertrudis

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Santa Gertrudis cattle are bred at this large Isla Turiguanó farm, on the main road just before you enter the causeway to Cayo Coco. The adjoining stadium…