La Plaza

Las Terrazas

In the middle of Las Terrazas village at the top of a large knoll, this mini-mall encompasses a cinema, a cafe, a library and a small ecomuseum that gives an overview of the community's short history. All are generally open throughout the day, or can become so if you ask at the Oficinas del Complejo.

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Nearby Las Terrazas attractions

1. Galería de Lester Campa

0.11 MILES

Several well-known Cuban artists are based at Las Terrazas, including Lester Campa, whose work has been exhibited internationally. Pop into his lakeside…

2. Casa-Museo Polo Montañez

0.12 MILES

The former lakeside house of local musician Polo Montañez, regarded as one of Cuba’s finest-ever folk singers, is now a small museum containing various…

3. Hacienda Unión

1.59 MILES

About 3.5km west of the Hotel Moka access road, the Hacienda Unión is a partially reconstructed coffee-estate ruin that features a country-style…

4. Cafetal Buenavista

1.63 MILES

The most moving ruins in Las Terrazas are about 1.5km up the hill from the Puerta las Delicias eastern gate, and accessible by road. Cafetal Buenavista is…

5. San Pedro & Santa Catalina

3.22 MILES

These ruins of a 19th-century coffee estate are down a branch road at La Cañada del Infierno (Trail to Hell), midway between the Hotel Moka access road…

6. Finca Excelencia


Fitting right into the ecological rainbow of Soroa is this private farm where you can relax, learn about medicinal plants and even partake in a day of…

7. Salto del Arco Iris

5.38 MILES

The vegetation-rich 'rainbow falls' is a 22m-high cascade on the Arroyo Manantiales. The entrance to the park encompassing it is to the right just before…

8. Orquideario Soroa

5.42 MILES

Tumbling down a landscaped hillside garden next door to Hotel & Villas Soroa is this labor of love built in the late 1940s by Spanish lawyer Tomás Felipe…