Monumento a José Miguel Gómez


At the top of Av de los Presidentes is a huge marble monument to José Miguel Gómez, Cuba's second president.

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1. Museo Antropológico Montané

0.29 MILES

The Museo Antropológico Montané, on the Universidad de la Habana campus, was established in 1903 with a rich collection of pre-Columbian artifacts,…

2. Museo de Historia Natural Felipe Poey


Inside the Universidad de la Habana, this is the oldest museum in Cuba. It was founded in 1842 by the Royal Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural…

3. Universidad de la Habana

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Founded by Dominican monks in 1728 and secularized in 1842, Havana's university began life in Habana Vieja before moving to its present site in 1902. The…

4. Museo Napoleónico

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Without a doubt one of the best museums in Havana and thus in Cuba, this magnificently laid-out collection of 7000 objects associated with the life of…

5. Quinta de los Molinos

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The former stately residence of Independence War general Máximo Gómez, the Quinta sits in lush surroundings that have been managed as botanical gardens…

6. Monumento a Julio Antonio Mella

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At the bottom of the Universidad de la Habana steps is a monument to the student leader who founded the first Cuban Communist Party in 1925. In 1929 Cuban…

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Opposite the Monumento a Julio Antonio Mella outside the Universidad de la Habana are black-and-white Mella portraits permanently mounted on the wall in…

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This classic modernist hotel – the former Havana Hilton – was commandeered by Fidel Castro's revolutionaries in 1959 just nine months after it had opened,…