Iglesia Parroquial del Espíritu Santo

Habana Vieja

Havana’s oldest surviving church has been heavily remodeled since its founding as a hermitage, built by freed formerly enslaved black people in 1638. Most of the current edifice dates from the mid-19th century and exhibits Moorish, Gothic, neoclassical and Andaluz styles.

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2. Iglesia y Convento de Santa Clara

0.11 MILES

South of Plaza Vieja is Havana's largest and oldest convent, built between 1638 and 1643, though since 1920 it has served no religious purpose. For a…

3. Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula

0.15 MILES

One of Havana's most attractive churches, this building is all that remains of the San Francisco de Paula women's hospital from the mid-1700s. Lit up at…

5. Floating Maritime Promenade

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Added in 2015 as a stainless-steel extension of the 1700s Alameda de Paula, this floating promenade is a spacious open-air platform enjoyed by skaters,…

6. Palacio de los Condes de Jaruco


This muscular mansion on Plaza Vieja's southwestern corner is one of the square's oldest, constructed in 1738 from local limestone in a transitional…

7. Museo de Naipes

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Encased in Plaza Vieja's oldest building is this quirky playing-card museum, with a 2000-strong collection that includes rock stars, rum drinks and round…

8. Vitrina de Valonia

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Housed in a restored colonial mansion, this library and comic-book museum highlights the relationship between Belgium and Cuba, hosting Belgium Culture…