Keep heading south on Paseo del Prado and the street becomes the Malecón as it cuts alongside one of the world's finest natural bays, offering exquisite vistas. Like all waterside drives (Havana's being the archetype), this area comes alive in the evening when poets come to muse and couples to canoodle.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Cienfuegos attractions

1. Statue of Benny Moré


Before you hit the Malecón, at the intersection of Av 54 and Paseo del Prado you can pay your respects to this life-sized likeness of the Cienfuegos-born…

2. Casa del Fundador

0.65 MILES

On the southeastern corner of Parque José Martí stands the city's oldest building, once the residence of city founder Louis D'Clouet and now a souvenir…

3. Palacio de Gobierno

0.66 MILES

Most of Parque José Martí's south side is dominated by this grandiose, silvery-gray building where the provincial government (Poder Popular Provincial)…

4. Museo Provincial

0.67 MILES

Poorly presented, slightly grubby museum on the south side of Parque José Martí that proffers a microcosm of Cienfuegos' history including a few…

6. Palacio Ferrer – Museo de las Artes

0.72 MILES

On the western side of Parque José Martí, this riveting neoclassical building (1918) was lovingly restored in time for Cienfuegos' 200th anniversary in…

7. Arco de Triunfo

0.73 MILES

Prepare yourself: it's smaller than the one in Paris, but the Arch of Triumph on the western edge of Cienfuegos' serene central park catapults the plaza…

8. Colegio San Lorenzo

0.73 MILES

On the east side of Teatro Café Tomás, this building with its striking colonnaded facade was constructed during the 1920s with funds left by wealthy city…